24 May
20 May
W+K+ SPACE presents 1+11 Chairs
Have you ever thought about what your dream chair would be? How about a lazy chair that turns into toilet at a moment's notice? A chair that makes your butt smile? A cloud? A jet engine? Or even your boss's head? Well, we did think about it. 96 W+Kers came together to illustrate their dream chair, then pieced them together to form one incredible W+K chair entitled: Brainstorming.

17 May
The Open Office
Here's a few images of our open office space, courtesy of resident Robert Nilsson. A few more images after the break.
01 May
Little launches Little app
Open office residents Little today launched their parenting app, designed to help raise happier kids. "Little offers parents & caretakers fun ways to bring them closer to their kids! Simply input the child's age, Little will provide age-appropriate activities, videos & story ideas instantly. The app is now available on iTunes for download.
18 Apr
W+K+ SPACE: “The Impossible Portraits”
Staff portraits have been a standing tradition of all Wieden + Kennedy offices around the world, the Shanghai office particularly is known for experimenting with this idea by asking staff members to use the narrative of another colleague and interpret it as a portrait. The results of these portraits are now a highlight of the Wieden + Kennedy office in Shanghai.


For the next set of portraits W+K Shanghai has partnered with the photographer Robert Nilsson, his goal is to shoot 100 Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai staff portraits in 2 days with Polaroid film, then challenge each individual to make a creative statement with their portrait. The exhibition aims to highlight the feeling of instant film in the digital era with just one exposure, one artwork, on one square film.

这一次Robert Nilsson计划在两天时间里位W+K上海的100名员工拍摄肖像。然后再让照片的主人在相纸上留下自己特别的印记。作品及展览仅借由一次曝光、一笔涂鸦、一方相纸,让人在这个数码时代体会即影即有的乐趣。
11 Apr
3D Scanning session
Open Office resident Lucio of Thingire recently ran a session on the Green - using a Kinect to conduct full body scans - which he will them be using for 3D printing. Click through for more images.
14 Mar
New W+K+ residents introductions
On Thursday our newest residents in W+K+ introduced themselves to the agency. We heard from Paul Chong at Huanzhi technologies, Photographer Robert Nilsson, Graphic designer Jort, POS experts Matthew & Kristian, 3D printing guru Lucio, and Egmont of Red Rabbit Animations. Photos of the night after the break

上星期四晚 W+K+ 的新成员和 W+K上海 互相做了个自我介绍。参与简介会的成员有寰智科技的Paul Chong,摄影师Robert Nilsson,平面设计师Jort,POS专家Matthew和Kristian,3D打印技术先锋Lucio,以及宏兔动画公司的Egmont。